Success Stories

SUCCESS OF PRAJAVANI(a web based public grievances system)

Prajavani is an e-governance initiative by the combined efforts of District Administration and National Informatics Centre (GOI) in Visakhapatnam District.  PRAJAVANI system not only gives citizens an avenue to track the progress on their grievance, but also provides the District Collector an effective tool to monitor the performance of various departments.

  • A new grievance mechanism is highly useful to those who are living in remote areas of the district to send their complaints across the authorities without much  ado;
  • The petitioner will know to which officer the complaint is marked and what is the time frame for response;
  • The software was designed in local language “Telugu” for easy access to urban and rural people.

Prajavani Workshop held at Visakhapatnam

The District Collector has envisaged the prajavani system and stream lined with well planned systematic approach adopted in receipt of petitions from public.
The following procedure is followed

  •  Instant response to the petition
  •  Ascertaining the information from the Officers concerned on the spot
  •  Giving time frame for redressal of grievance
  •  Handing over acknowledgement to the petitioner.

The monitoring system to expedite the redressal of grievances

  • Prajavani operators work under the supervision of petition monitoring section at Collectorate. They play a major role in timely disposal of complaints. They check daily unmarked petitions and they send to concerned officer, and also make time frame for disposal. Prajavani operator feeds the disposals in the computer and complaints get disposed off.
  • The District Collector reviews the District Officers in monthly review meetings.
  • Special Officers are entrusted with the follow up action on grievance petition by reviewing the Mandal level Officers.

Aims of the District Administration:

  • Implementation of Government programmes and schemes to the public with utmost importance with a speedy disposal.
  • Respond to the public problems and grievances and to gear up the government mechanism for redressal of the same.
  • Reduce the pain of public going to Collectorate for follow up action of the petition. The public can enter into Prajavani website to know the status of the petition.

              The District Collector himself conducts the public grievance day on every Monday in the office of the District Collector. It is open to the public that any citizen of Visakhapatnam District can directly approach the District Collector to represent their grievances by submitting their petitions.

For the convenience of the disabled persons and senior citizen, the District Collector used to sit in Grievance cell which was located in the ground floor of the Collectorate to receive their grievances.  Presence of the Officials of all departments concerned is ensured, while the Collector receives representations from the public, so as to ascertain the details of the problems and to response to the petitions with some information and also to fix up time frame for redressal.
The following is the reddressal status of petitions received during the year 2009-2010

Total petitions status as on 02-11-2010 CMPs               Petitions Prajavani
Total petitions received 10110 12467
Petitions redressed 9181 (91%) 10998 (88%)
Petitions pending  929 1469