Medical & Health Department

About the Department:

584 Sub centres, 89 PHCs, 1 RHC, 24 e-UPHCs (Mukyamantri Aarogya Kendramlu), 13 Community Health Centre , 1 Area Hospital, 1 District Hospital, 1 Teaching Hospital , 7 Blood storage centtres, 3 Blood Banks catering services to the Public under 3 different administrations (i.e DM&HO, DCHS and Medical Education)

Schemes/ Projects details :

  1. Pradhana Manthri Matru Vandana Yojana: Maternity Benefit scheme to Pregnant & Lactating mothers (Primi cases only) @ Rs 5000/- in 3 Installments (Rs 1000/- +Rs 2000/- + Rs 2000/-)
  2. Janani Suraksha Yojana : To reduce Maternal & Infant deaths, the pregnant woman who delivers in Hospitals will get Rs 1000/- in Rural and Tribal & Rs 600/- in Urban areas
  3. Janani Sishu Suraksha Karyakram: Cashless delivery for pregnant women who come for delivery in Govt Hospitals and Infant treatments, free diagnostics services
  4. Family Planning Services: For population stabilization, the Government encourage to participation of male for Vasectomy method and also create awareness on spacing methods to the eligible couples
  5. E-Aushadi:- for proper Drug supply to the health facilities .
    1. Free Laboratory Service: Free lab tests
    2. Tele Radiology : Free X-Ray services
    3. Tele Sonology: Free scan services
  7. 102 call Center: Providing necessary information regarding health services related to pregnant, postnatal Women and infants by creating awareness on various services and also sending message to their mobiles.
  8. Bio Medical Equipment Maintenance:-Regular maintenance for optimum functionality of the Medical Equipments in the Public Health facilities in the district.
  9. Thalli Bidda Expresses:every women delivered in public Health facility is dropped back home safely
  10. ANMOL:- Programme is part of RCH programme  through ANMOL Application ANM’s will enter village population, EC’s, ANCs& Children online. It is IT based application; through this application easily track pregnant women and  children for follow up services.
  11. Chandrana Sanchara Chikitsa)Chandrana Sanchara Chikitsa programme has been launched on 2nd May 2017 in Visakhapatnam District with 20 vehicles. Total no. of beneficiaries: 133678.
  12. Biometrics:- Iris and Aadhar enabled Biometric Attendance system has been implemented in the Health department.
  13. Mahila Master Health Check up: all women aged above 35 years screened for Oral, Breast, Cervical Cancers Vision, Diabetes, Hypertension and Hormonal diseases on weekly twice (Thursday and Friday) and referred the cases to screening centers for treatment.
  14. Pradhana Manthri Surakshita Matrutva Abhiyan (PMSMA): To reduce Maternal & Infant deaths all Antenatal women will be examined by Medical Officers and Specialists on 9th of every month.
  15. NTR Baby Kits: To reduce neonatal& infants deaths, it is provided one Baby kit (consistent of 5 items )
  16. Mukhyamanthri Aarogya Kendram (MAK): all urban Health Centers converted into E-Urban primary Health Centers under PPP mode, and named as Mukhyamanthri Aarogya Kendram
  17. Free dialysis:- Free dialysis center established in the month of April 2017 and
  18. Health ATM’S:- 2 machines were installed at PHC G.K veedhi and PHC Sileru for dispensing the medicines at any time.
  19. Swasthya Vidya Vahini (SVV) :- SwasthyaVidyaVahini (SVV) is a Health Promotion initiative envisaged to improve the health literacy of rural population by addressing the social determinants of health at the community and school, Under this programme in Visakhapatnam 6 chandrana sanchara chikista vehicles.
  20. Girijana Anuraga Hastam: Nutrition support to TB patients in Tribal Area
  21. Panchamrutam: Nutrition support to HIV patients in Tribal area
  22. District Early Intervention Centre: established to rectify birth defects as early as possible in the children.
  23. Rastriya Bala Swastya Karyakram: this scheme is meant for health programmes for school going and Non-school going children .
  24. Mukyamantri e-EYE Centre : Through this programme all patients will get free EYE checkups , Free eye surgery ,free Spectacles. Currently in 9 centres the programme was started and 38311 patients got benefited.
  25. e-Sub centres: Govt has Proposed remote area sub centres in Tribal Area into E-sub centres under PPP mode and 20 sub centres identified to convert into e- Sub centres.
  26. Feeder Ambulance: 42 Feeder Ambulances sanctioned in remote and inaccessible areas of Tribal area to transport the patients to nearest health institution for better treatment.
  27. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags : Implemented RFID in all DME &APVVP controlled health Institutions to prevent child safety.
  28. Mukyamantri Bala Suraksha Yojana: Screening of children between 0-18 years for 4Ds in PPP mode. 38 vehicles have been sanctioned to the district.
  29. Hospital Sanitation Policy: To improve sanitation in the hospitals and maintain proper hygiene under better DME &APVVP controlled health Institutions.
  30. Mahaprastanam: To transport dead bodies from Govt Institutions to their residence free of cost. 4 vehicles sanctioned for the district and 2508 bodies transported so far.

Contact details :

District Medical & Health Officer,

Mobile : 9849902299

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