Publish: 05/09/2018

  RAMAKRISHNA MISSION The Ramakrishna Mission Ashram has been constructed in 1938 overlooking in the Sea presenting the panoramic view of the rising sun. The Ashram conducts spiritual retreats for the devotees and also providing services in Educational, Cultural, Medical, Relief and Rehabilitation to the poor and needy. The Ramakrishna Mission Ashram beach is a […]

Land Scapes

Publish: 05/09/2018

KAILASAGIRI Kailasagiri is a picturesque  hill over looking the sea is a natural  gift with 350 acres available has been developed into a lush green park has a panoramic sea view with a serene atmosphere with water sprinklers, microwave repeater station, beautiful garden locations and recent flower clock titanic view point making it an outstanding tourist […]