An Interesting spot on the RK Beach, Vizag’s Submarine Museum is quite an innovative creation. Housed in a real submarine, INS Kurusura, this Soviet built sub was decommissioned in 2001 after serving our nation for over two glorious decades. The submarine contained all its weaponry and fittings when it was hauled over to the beach and permanently stationed on a solid concrete foundation on the beach road and is a big attraction to public.



The Visakha Museum was opened in 1991 to preserve the house collections from the cultural and social heritage of the city of the Visakhapatnam.




This historically significant museum which opened in 1991 is housed in a 150 year old superb structure of great architectural beauty. Showcasing an array of relics such as ancient armory, crockery, ancient coins, silk costumes, jewellery, portraits of legendary figures, and even stuffed animals, the shell of an unexploded bomb dropped by the Japanese during World War II, is a special attraction here. Several manuscripts, letters, diaries, scrap books, periodicals, maps etc., chronicle the lives of the early settlers of Vizag in this great museum.




After 30 years of service the TU-142M Aircraft of Indian Navy was decommissioned and placed at Visakhapatnam sea beach by converting it to a museum. Located just opposite to Submarine museum this became one more major tourist attraction at RK Beach Area. There is an entry fee of Rs 70/- Per person no extra fee for camera. Before entering into the aircraft you can see display of various equipments and parts of aircraft placed inside one exhibition hall. Equipments like sonobuoys, propeller, engine, survival kit, anti submarine missile, date recorder etc are displayed with all details.  Outside the aircraft you can take photos and the area is well maintained. There is a flight simulator platform which can be enjoyed through VR headsets.