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After 30 years of service the TU-142M Aircraft of Indian Navy was decommissioned and placed at Visakhapatnam sea beach by converting it to a museum. Located just opposite to Submarine museum this became one more major tourist attraction at RK Beach Area. There is an entry fee of Rs 70/- Per person no extra fee for camera. Before entering into the aircraft you can see display of various equipments and parts of aircraft placed inside one exhibition hall. Equipments like sonobuoys, propeller, engine, survival kit, anti submarine missile, date recorder etc are displayed with all details.  Outside the aircraft you can take photos and the area is well maintained. There is a flight simulator platform which can be enjoyed through VR headsets.

Photo Gallery

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  • Air Craft Museum,_Visakhpatnam
  • Air Craft Museum
  • Air Craft Museum, Visakhpatnam
  • Air Craft Museum, Visakhpatnam

How to Reach :

The TU 142 Aircraft Museum is located 18 km from Visakhapatnam International Airport.

The TU 142 Aircraft Museum is located 5 km from Visakhapatnam Railway Station.

The TU 142 Aviation Museum is located 5 km from the RTC complex. People can reach the destination by bus, auto or cab.